CG Antenna PK-4

Extremely small size and extremely low power consumption electronic keyer, Pocket Keyer, offers an Iambic keying with 4 message memories. The current drain is approximately 160 uA at 3V, and can be continuously powered by a pair of UM4 batteries for a couple of months. Four message buttons are mounted on the panel, and you can recall memorized messages quickly. Simply press one of the four buttons to recall the message.

  • Four messages (1 – 4) are stored into non-volatile EEPROM that keeps the contents without power.
  • Message No.4 has Auto Repeat Message function with programmable pause time.
  • Keying Type Iambic B mode, Straight key mode
  • Keying speed Approx. 8 to 50 WPM
  • Weight 4 selectable weight levels; 3 3.5 4 4.5
  • CW messages Message 1; 40 characters,
  • (nonvolatile) Message 2; 20 characters,
  • Message 3; 20 characters,
  • Message 4; 40 characters, Auto Repeat function,
  • (Note: Above character numbers include space.)
  • Side tone Built in piezo-electric speaker
  • Power requirement 2.5 – 6V DC, typical 2 x AAA batteries

CG Antenna